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Industry News: A few noteworthy green moves our world is making

Industry News: A few noteworthy green moves our world is making

Alaska Airlines Takes Step Toward Greener Skies Using a satellite guidance technology called Required Navigation Performance (RNP), an Alaska Airlines 737 last month took a continuous-descent approach into Seattle-Tacoma Airport that reduced the flight-path length, saving fuel and emissions and cutting down on the noise for the communities around the airport. The airline estimates that using this technology for all approaches into Sea-Tac could cut fuel consumption by 2.1 million gallons per year and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by 22,000 tons.

Can You Go Green on a Motorcycle? They're about twice as fuel-efficient as cars, yet they create up to 14 times more smog-forming pollutants per mile than a new car. Is there any hope for the green enthusiast who enjoys the thrill of cruising on two wheels.

Japan Introduces CO2 Emissions Calculations on Shopping Receipts Data from shoppers are automatically processed based on CO2 emissions per unit sales and reflected on shopping receipts along with pricing and payment data.

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