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Oil Spill Disaster is Act One of Two-Act Tragedy

2010's  disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana, is only Act One of a two-act tragedy.   The second act involves the disasters  that will occur  when we don't spill oil but, rather, burn it.   We are on course toward seeing a world of increasing droughts and famines and inundation by  oceans of most large cities and huge areas of land.

We need to replace oil with energy sources that will not contribute to global warming.

If BP had manned an ocean-based facility to generate green energy off the coast of Louisiana, both Act One and Act Two would be averted.   The US and other countries need to make  a commitment not just to avert oil spills but, rather, soon not to allow fossil fuels  to be extracted for burning.   An alternative energy plan exists in the form of "Energy Islands" -- large, ocean-based facilities that provide green energy from water, wind and sun.   See the plan presented at Dolphin Blue's website:

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