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Round UP, Impact DOWN

I'm excited to announce that we signed a memorandum of understanding today  with Renewable Choice Energy to participate in their "Round UP, Impact DOWN " carbon offset project.

What this means is that anytime a customer of Dolphin Blue purchases an item, they have an opportunity to offset the carbon emissions associated with their purchase by "rounding up " their purchase price to the nearest dollar amount.

Through Dolphin Blue's participation in the Round Up program our customers have an opportunity to offset a portion of the carbon emissions associated with shipping their order.

The extra charge collected by Dolphin Blue when a customer chooses to "round up " is invested in a carbon reduction project administered by Renewable Choice Energy.

And here's what we promise to do for you - all Round Up contributions received will be matched 1-for-1 by Dolphin Blue.

Together, we can and will make our world sustainable for future generations.

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